I have always been really good at knowing what was going into my body through my food but never actually thought about what was going into my body through my skin, well not until I was pregnant with my first child. When I actually started looking at the ingredients in my shampoo, body lotion, deodorants, vapour rubs etc I was shocked. What are these things and what are they doing to me and my baby.

So from that day on, I decided once a month to remove one of my easily brought at the supermarket products and replace it with something with ingredients in it that I could actually pronounce and knew what it was.

Lots of experimenting with different brands to find something that worked left me a lot lighter in the wallet, so I decided to try my hand at making my own. I've always loved the feeling of a good face and body scrub and the use of essentials oils, so making my own scrubs was a no brainer. The feedback I got from family and friends requesting different scents has made our range what it is today.

I still remember my husbands face with the first batch of deodorant I made, instantly he said 'what is that and no I will not be using it!' 5 years later, testing it during numerous half marathons and triathlons, 35c plus summer days and it's the only thing he uses now. Friends started asking what I use and I started making up batches for them and one day I got 'Haley I'm so happy that this works and is natural" and that's how Happy by Haley was born.